Bill McKibben White House solar panel stunt fails

solar 11 September 2010 | 0 Comments

photo by Edmont

You may have heard about the stunt to bring a part of a solar panel that was on the White House during the Carter administration back to Washington to get President Obama to put it back on the roof of the White House.  Today the administration rejected the panel, but did meet with Bill McKibben.

This was mostly a stunt to get publicity for’s climate change agenda, which is fine.  But it wasn’t very good for solar power.  First of all the solar panels were hot water panels, not photovoltaic panels.  So they weren’t going to be generating any electricity with them, which (if you’re reading this blog) is something you know that’s the best thing to do with solar panels.

But the worst part about the failure of the stunt for solar power is that many critics are saying that Obama didn’t put them on the white house because of the prohibitive cost of solar power and that the administration didn’t want to look out of touch with the average american who, “can’t afford to put up a solar panel.”  Of course you and I know differently.  We know that you can put up a solar panel for less than $200.  Don’t let the pundits or the bureaucrats dupe you.  Solar power is not as expensive as they think.

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