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Hi, I'm Joe Colter. As electricity costs rose, I decided that solar panels would be a great way to make electricity and pay nothing for it. As I researched solar panels, I learned a lot about the process and how expensive solar panels can be. I learned about do it yourself (DIY) Solar panels, and found out how to build my own solar panels at a fraction of the cost that contractors were trying to sell them to me. I spent hours looking at how to build solar panels for my home. Along the way I disovered some secrets that I'll share with you. Secrets that saved me lots of money and prevented me from getting ripped off.

Grid Free Power is commited to bringing you the best information we can find about alternative energy, solar power and we specialize in do it yourself (DIY) projects, especially to put solar power in your home.

Please visit the blog, where you will find the following entries and more!


President Obama supports solar power

President Barack Obama toured solar manufacturer Solyndra on Wednesday. The President is a big supporter of Solar Power. Solyndra manufactures solar panels. The administration also has supported Solyndra and other solar manufacturers with loan guarantees to jump start the solar industry in the US. This is great news for solar fans as prices will [...]
DIY Solar panel video

I’m getting more and more excited about saving money on solar panels. I’ve put together some money-saving tips on getting solar power for your home. Don’t get ripped off by solar panel retailers, check out the video on how to save money on solar panels by doing it yourself (DIY!).
Build your own solar power panels

We have found out a way that you can build your own solar energy panels. Generate your own electricity with something that you build yourself, saving thousands of dollars off of buying new.
Amazingly almost anyone can build their own solar panels, without any solar energy experience with the guide we have found.
This guide we found [...]
Wow, we’re on Top 50 Solar sites

An exciting day! We’re on the Top 50 Solar sites! It’s a list that of the most popular internet websites about renewable energies.
On the Top50-Solar Toplist you will find all the most popular internet sites concerned with solar energy and renewable energies.
Alternative energy science kits for kids

I have two kids and while I’ve learned to make my own solar panels using the DIY solar panel instructions, and my kids have watched end even helped, I wanted to get them something that they could do by themselves. I found these great alternative energy science kits from that my kids love. [...]
Why Solar?

I’m so excited about solar power, I can’t tell you!
Looking into my off-the-grid power options, I found that solar provides secure reliable power, makes economic sense, and protects the environment. Generating electricity with solar is a clean, renewable, and sustainable energy source. It’s generated on-site without polluting air or water, or contributing to global [...]
Do it yourself (DIY) power generation

Hello world! I’m an avid do-it-yourselfer. I’ve done many DIY projects. As energy prices climb, and we keep hearing about global warming, I thought I’d turn my energies towards generating electricity. I’m going to use this blog to talk about some of the projects I’ve done in Solar power generation, wind [...]